These are the only two preset packs I use on my lightroom for my Leica DNGs. Film Presets are soft and with grain mostly great for portraits. The original Preset pack is to preserve the sharp clean Leica look. So there are two or three presets that overlap with names but they have distinct look to each other, especially how they render blacks and some Red Hues and definitely Grain is something I added according to each look. These are the most well-rounded lightroom presets out there.

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I am a DP/Colorist and a portrait photographer from Mumbai,  I recently bought an SL2-s For me after using Leica Q2 for more than a year thinking I could create the same magic with the video. Unfortunately, The LUTs provided by Leica is absolutely unusable. I have created a few LUTs for myself and sharing some here.  As of now, I made basic looks. which are more than enough in my opinion for this system. I suggest using these LUTs at about 80 percent unless using some vintage or classic Voigtlander lenses. In the above video, I used it at about 75 percent and did not even adjust the white balance or anything they are definitely the best LUT pack for Leica as of now in the entire world. Proud!!!



Do write to me about your thoughts on it. Also, check out my YouTube channel for tutorials on how to use the pack.


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