For Leica Q & Q2 , Leica M10 , Leica SL , Leica M9 Cameras.

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This 19 Presets Pack has three sets,  4 Clean Look, 7 Film Looks and Looks Emulating Leica, and  Fujifilm Jpegs. These presets are designed specifically for Leica Camera’s DNG Files and have been made keeping in mind different skin tones so that they work well with any and all of the Leica camera models. Feel free to use them on other camera systems as well ( Might surprise you)

As a professional cinematographer/Colorist and a fashion photographer, skin tones are of paramount importance. To get them right a sense of colors and an understanding of lumetri curves and skin tone IRE values are extremely vital. Based on my experience and aesthetic sense, I have put together a Lightroom preset pack that you can apply to your pictures with just one click and do minute contrast and exposure adjustments. This saves a lot of time, which is as valuable as money, especially if you are a professional photographer who has to edit on the go. These presets are far from perfect, but by spending a little time and adding your own aesthetics, you can make the perfect picture.

I have always believed in sharing whatever knowledge I have, I really think that helps us grow, learn, and create more. I have been working on it for quite some time, I hope you make great pictures with them that carry memories and stay with you forever.


Do write to me about your thoughts on it. Also, check out my YouTube channel for tutorials on how to use the pack.

2.0 Update


1. Updated B&W High Contrast Preset to match the In- camera JPEG.

2. Got really Close to In Camera JPEG Natural profile.

3. Removed the Old Leica In camera JPEG profiles.


3.0 Update ( Jan 31st 2023)

1. Added one more Clean Profile

2. Updated some presets’s contrast levels.


4.0 Update ( May 28th 2023)

1. Added One Leica JPEG – Standard ( Soft) Preset.


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