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This 16 Presets Pack has three sets 1. Film Emulations, 2. Dark & Moody Presets & 3. RICOH JPEG Emulations. :


I – Film Emulation Preset Set


1. Acros Film

2. Earth Monotone

3. Earth Film 200

4. Kodak Film 200

5. FujiChrome 200

6. Ektar Film 200

7. Cinestill Film 200

8. Leica B&W HC


II – Dark & Moody Preset Set


9. Dark & Moody – 1

10. Dark & Moody – 2

11. Dark & Moody – 3


III – Ricoh JPEG Emulation Preset Set


12. Ricoh GR – Standard

13. Rich GR – Positive Film

14. Ricoh GR – Positive Film 2

15. Ricoh GR – Hard Monotone

16. Ricoh GR – Soft Monotone



All the hype is true.

Love this little camera.

The colours on the JPEGs are so good that it made it so difficult to make the presets.

I wanted to keep the colours lively and try to simulate one of my favourite emulations on the camera -“Positive film”

I tried using the color checker to recreate the feel of the JPEGs into presets. I used different lighting sources to find the middle ground
This is the closest you can get because obviously it is near impossible to duplicate the exact colours.

I absolutely love the raw files coming out of my GRIII. I’ll even dare to say it puts up a good fight against my Leica Q2. These presets are definitely helping me save a lot of time.



These presets are designed specifically for Ricoh Camera’s DNG Files and have been made keeping in mind the kind of work people use GR’s for street, landscape and also keeping in mind different skin tones for wide-angle portraits. These work well with any and all of the Ricoh camera models. Feel free to use them on other camera systems as well ( Might surprise you)

I hope you make great pictures with them that carry memories and stay with you forever.

Do write to me about your thoughts on it. Also, check out my YouTube channel for tutorials on how to use the pack.


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