I am a DP/Colorist and a portrait photographer from Mumbai, I have used canon camera & Glass all life. But I bought a Canon EOS R more than a year back and started exploring colours as deep as I could. Shot SAGE Music video and a couple of  Fashion films with the camera. They did help me make these professionally useable LUTs. I wished someone had made these for me during the initial struggle for a quick turn around. Guess what! there is a LUT for QTA!

Shipping Information
Shipping Information


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These are the most balanced LUTs you might find on the internet. I tested and tried hundreds of online LUTs. This LUT pack is the result of years of development to find a balance in the colours that reflect my taste and aesthetic.

These are the only LUTs you would ever need if you spend some time with it and understand what each LUT does to the CLOG footage.


2021 Version Updates –


Revisited the Entire LUT Pack & Updated the CLOG 3 LUTs and removed CLOG2 & CLOG Support for these cameras. Exposure and contrast Problems have been eliminated.


These are the Perfect 12 in my opinion and works great on my R5 & R6 Footage. Might add one or two in further updates.


2022 Version Updates.


Complete revisited all the LUTs and segregated them into three different groups namely Clean Look , Dark & Moody and Film Looks. I also Included two Quick turn over LUTs for people who dont want to just apply and export.


I am going to keep at it till I feel this is the best LUT pack out there. For now I feel very proud of the new updated pack.


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