My journey with Fujifilm Cameras: I am a DP/Colorist and a portrait photographer from Mumbai, I have been using Fuji cameras for a number of years now. I shot my second feature film with XT-2 as a B-camera which is on NETFLIX right now and from there my love for Fuji only multi-folded. I went on to representing Fujifilm India from 2019. I never had many problems with the colors, but I had to keep tweaking on each project.

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Shipping Information


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These are the most balanced LUTs you might find on the internet. I tested and tried hundreds of online LUTs. This LUT pack is the result of years of development to find a balance in the colours that reflect my taste and aesthetic.

Update 1.2

1. Added FLOG TO Classic Neg LUT
2. Made changes to the recommendations PDF

Update 2.0

1. Added Flog to Peach LUT – for Minimalistic Bright low contrast look – Dial the intensity according to the needs.
2. Added Flog to Warm Earth LUT – Gives you that Warm bright look but punchier blacks and contrasty Image overall. Useful for narrative work.
3. Removed FLOG to Eterna Adjusted LUT

Update 2.2

Update 2.3
1. Added FLOG to Eterna Adjusted LUT back


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